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Central Valley Residents

Central Valley Residents

Here's a scary thought:

How many Central Valley residents are just a layoff away from hunger?

It is a common misperception that only the poor or the homeless are hungry.  The reality is that many hard-working Central Valley residents from all different income levels are struggling just to make ends meet.  Rising gas prices are driving up the costs of commutes, and the rising grocery costs are putting an enormous strain on many family food budgets.  In these tough times, many find themselves a layoff, medical crisis or even a fender-bender away from going hungry.

Today, you can do something about it.  Every $10 you donate can provide nutritious meals for a family of four for an entire week, helping them face each day with renewed hope for a brighter future.




Hungry? Find Food.

Community Food Bank works with partner agencies to distribute food throughout the area. Find an agency near you that can help.