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Philanthropy Story

Philanthropy Story

Viking Elementary families benefit from Target funding 

This November, Community Food Bank and Target partnered to launch the Target Meals for Minds program at Viking Elementary School in Fresno. The program,
which serves working class and low-income schools, helps support education by helping to provide food to kids who need it, since well-nourished children are
equipped to concentrate well and perform better in school.

The program provides a source of readily accessible food assistance to the students and their families. Program participants and their families receive quality,
nourishing groceries at the “open market”-style food giveaway once a month. “Since Target is funding this program, we are able to provide a greater assortment
of food for program participants,” said Eric Smith, Community Food Bank Direct Services Coordinator. “The food given to the students includes chicken, rice,
beans, cereal, pasta and lots of fresh produce, whereas in the past a program like this would have been much more limited by our budget.”


The launch of the Meals for Minds program at Viking Elementary coincided with Target’s donation of a complete library renovation to the school. As part of the Target School Library Makeover program, Target transformed the school’s library, providing new furniture, carpet, shelves, technology upgrades and added 2,000
new books. Target also provided Community Food Bank with a grant to administer the Meals for Minds food giveaways at Viking.

At the first food distribution in November, more than 200 students and their families lined up to accept groceries. December and January saw similar sized groups.
“We can’t wait to continue putting smiles on these kids’ faces,” said Smith.


If you would like more about this program please contact Natalie Caples, Programs Supervisor


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