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Donate, Don't Dump!

Each year, thousands of pounds of food and grocery products are thrown away in the Central Valley.  Here is just an example of the amount of food wasted:

150,000 pounds of fresh produce 
350,000 pounds of canned foods
550,000 pounds of meats, dairy and non-food items

Due to the incredible generosity of our donors, food and grocery products now go to hungry children, families and seniors in the Central Valley instead of the dumpsters.

Community Food Bank provides a business solution for your distressed or surplus product.  We can help your company's bottom line, and your product donation helps many in-need.

As a partner of Community Food Bank you receive:

A detailed receipt for tax purposes
The ability to help thousands of hungry individuals in the Central Valley
Liability protection
Savings in storage, inventory, transportation and dumping costs
Free product pick-up
Product tracking and recall capabilities
Respect for restrictions specified from donor
Enhanced public image
Strong local presence
Donation process

The process to join the fight against hunger is extremely easy.   Please have the following information included in your fax or email or prepared before you call:

Product location and address, contact name and phone number
Product description
Current condition of product
Total number of cases and/or pallets available
Case weights and configuration/number of cases per pallet
Transportation and storage specifics (dry, refrigerated, frozen)
Reason for donation (code date issue, unlabeled, etc.)
Contact name and number for person receiving receipt
Extended shelf-life if product out of close to code

To donate product (distressed, surplus, or first-line) in any amount, please contact:

Rick Palermo, Director of Operations
Phone: 559-237-3663 x121
Fax: 559-237-2527


Hungry? Find Food.

Community Food Bank works with partner agencies to distribute food throughout the area. Find an agency near you that can help.